Trust in our values



The secret lies in the sharpness of the blades; the thin, uniform quality and the special focus on usability. No other scraper brands make their own blades, and JBF remains the only blade manufacturer to specialise in scrapers and the blades that go with them.

Whereas other suppliers have their blades made by blade manufacturers focused on cutting performance, JBF has, in close dialogue with end users and retailers, developed blades that are perfect for scraping. These are combined with a specially designed ergonomic plastic handle, developed by trusted suppliers according to our strict instructions, to ensure a unique, high-quality tool that makes everyday life easier, more efficient and safer for professional users.



Here at JBF we know the challenges our end users face on a daily basis. Many years of dialogue have provided us with an insight into what they want in terms of daily use. This is why our tools are designed with the greatest possible focus on the tasks they need to deal with. Our focus is on functionality, on the extra wide blade, on the angle, the handle/grip – this is where our products distinguish themselves from our competitors. JBF knows that the perfect end result can only be achieved if the product’s functionality is the very best.



Our tools are sharp. And our users are busy people. They don’t have time to get injured. This is why we develop our tools with the greatest possible focus on user safety – the handle, the sharp blade, the way the blades are stored, how the user changes them: JBF knows that the perfect end result can only be achieved if the product’s safety is the best it can be.

90+ years of sharpness

With more than 90 years of experience in production of razor blades and industrial blades, JBF offers a huge range of industrial blades.

Manufactured from top quality European carbon steel or stainless steel and perfectly honed for lasting sharpness, JBF industrial blades are a durable, accurate, high quality product that will ensure effectiveness in your production. Order your JBF industrial blades with lacquer if you want a blade that is more resistant to rust.

JBF also produces a range of customized, special blades developed in cooperation with our customers.