A sharp look at a succesful story

JBF, Jydsk Barberblade-Fabrik A/S, develops, manufactures and markets glass scrapers and blades.

When JBF was founded in the small Danish town of Løgstør in 1930, it was with the aim of ensuring Danish users a decent shave thanks to super-sharp, double edge razor blades. The small factory prided itself on its outstanding craftsmanship and refused to compromise. This was a quality and sharpness you could count on – every time.

It still is, but it is no longer during their morning shave that customers are enjoying the sharpness of JBF. When traditional razors went out of fashion in the 1960s, the production of razor blades ceased, with the attention instead turning to the production of blades for a variety of other purposes, including industrial use.

With more than 90 years of experience JBF is a world-leader in professional, high-quality glass scrapers.

Experience spanning more than 90 years in the production of thin metal blades is the cornerstone of the sharpness and quality that has made JBF a world leader in professional, high-quality glass scrapers.

The secret lies in the sharpness of the blades; the thin, uniform quality and the special focus on usability. No other glass scraper brands make their own blades, and JBF remains the only blade manufacturer to specialise in glass scrapers and the blades that go with them. Whereas other suppliers have their blades made by blade manufacturers focused on cutting performance, JBF has, in close dialogue with end users and retailers, developed blades that are perfect for scraping. These are combined with a specially designed ergonomic plastic handle, developed by trusted suppliers according to our strict instructions, to ensure a unique, high-quality tool that makes everyday life easier, more efficient and safer for professional users.

Our tools make them razor-sharp at their work, leaving them with a feeling of triumph, so to speak, each time they overcome the scraping challenge they are faced with – hence the name Triumph.

Triumph glass scrapers are used in the cleaning, window cleaning, painting & decorating and aquatics segments. Widely recognised for their high quality, safety, functionality and broad range of uses, all Triumph glass scrapers are “Manufactured by JBF”. They have evolved over the years to reflect changing times and new demands and needs, but the keen sense of quality, the values and the respect for the old virtues continue to manifest themselves in each and every blade that leaves the factory.

Trust in our values



Quality tools last a long time. And they are also effective and easy to use. JBF has the experience and expertise to develop and manufacture absolute top quality tools.



JBF knows the challenges our end users face on a daily basis: which is why our tools are designed with the greatest possible focus on the tasks they need to deal with.



Tools from JBF are sharp. And our users are busy people. They don’t have time to get injured. Which is why we develop tools with the greatest possible focus on safety.