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We supply professional glass scrapers and replacement blades to leading distributors and resellers

With more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing glass scrapers and scraper blades for window cleaning, we provide our customers with the best professional glass scraper products on the market. We are committed to delivering products that help professionals to work efficiently and safely.

We are always looking for distributors and dealers who live up to the same standards as we do.

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We make
you sharp

JBF’s mission is to make everyday life easier, more satisfying and safer for the professionals who depend on our scrapers, but it should also be easy for you as a retailer. That is why we offer a number of services:

Hanging display cards in 5 languages

Hanging display cards for a wide range of standard products are available in Danish, English, French, German and Finnish. The cards have an open tab for easy hanging of the glass scrapers on racks in the store. On the back, there are descriptions of the various types of Triumph glass scrapers and their use. The open tab is labelled with EAN numbers.

Customized hanging display cards

The individual hanging display cards can be customized to match the rest of your product line. The price depends on the shape, colour and quantity.

Customized boxes for packaging

As with the hanging display cards, it is possible to customize the current boxes to match the rest of your product line. Here, too, the price depends on size, colour and quantity.

Customized packaging

We offer customized packaging defined by the customer in the case of large orders. This makes it possible, for example, to get extra packaging in smaller boxes to facilitate picking from the warehouse. Large quantities and framework agreements are a condition of this.

Private label and own plastic colour

There will be private label options on selected products. In some cases, it will also be possible to choose your own colour of plastic.


Production and attachment of EAN labels. Customized EAN labels can be attached where requirements regarding shape and quantity are met.


JBF is happy to help obtain freight quotes and assist with other matters relating to freight handling.

Discount structure

Depending on quantity and order size.

JBF co-branding

JBF logos, product images and copy are available for use.

90+ years of sharpness

With more than 90 years of experience in production of razor blades and industrial blades, JBF offers a huge range of industrial blades.

Manufactured from top quality European carbon steel or stainless steel and perfectly honed for lasting sharpness, JBF industrial blades are a durable, accurate, high quality product that will ensure effectiveness in your production. Order your JBF industrial blades with lacquer if you want a blade that is more resistant to rust.

JBF also produces a range of customized, special blades developed in cooperation with our customers.